Course: Keys to the creation and development of companies based on knowledge generated in research centers

Framed within the program Innovations Practitioners , this course has the overall objective to address, with a practical and based on the experience of recognized experts approach, those determinants in the design of good business project, to ensure their implementation and facilitate ways his further growth. Among the areas in which they will work are the core of the business project, the robustness of the business plan, the company's relations with the research center where it was generated, and adequate funding to enable its growth.

The course program is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs and personnel transfer in the environment of knowledge generation centers and researchers interested in exploring the transfer path through entrepreneurship based on the exploitation of research results.

The celebration of the course will take place on 26 and 27 October at the Madrid Training Institute (MFI) in Madrid, if you are interested in attending the registration period for the last seats available, ends on Monday 24 October.