Course: Keys to the creation and development of companies based on knowledge generated in research centers

Framed within the program Innovations Practitioners , this course has the overall objective to address, with a practical and based on the experience of recognized experts approach, those determinants in the design of good business project, to ensure their implementation and facilitate ways his further growth. Among the areas in which they will work are the core of the business project, the robustness of the business plan, the company's relations with the research center where it was generated, and adequate funding to enable its growth.

The course program is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs and personnel transfer in the environment of knowledge generation centers and researchers interested in exploring the transfer path through entrepreneurship based on the exploitation of research results.

The celebration of the course will take place on 26 and 27 October at the Madrid Training Institute (MFI) in Madrid, if you are interested in attending the registration period for the last seats available, ends on Monday 24 October.

Researching on How to choose pots and pans for your kitchen?

If you are going to build your kitchen or try to renovate it with new pots and pans , here you will find everything you need to make a good choice. Not only must you consider the materiality, but also consider how many people you will cook. Find the kitchenware options that fit your need, whether you are a kitchen teacher or an amateur looking to try new recipes.

What materiality in pots and pans   should I choose?

When buying pots and pans for your kitchen it is essential to consider the material from which they are made. This choice must be directly related to the types of preparations that you usually perform. There are several options:


Pots and pans from:

  1. Aluminum:  
    Excellent heat conductor and scratch resistant. Also it is usually a very light material, therefore manageable. Ideal for use with utensils such as wooden spoons, bamboo or silicone.
  2. Anodized aluminum:
    It has the same benefits as aluminum. The main difference is that the bases of these frying pans come sealed, which makes them safer and scratch resistant, as well as facilitating their cleaning.
  3. Teflon:  
    Its main advantage is that they are non-stick and do not require fats to cook food. It is recommended to use mild preparations at medium or low temperature, such as caramelizing vegetables or preparing an omelet. As soon as Teflon is worn, it is advisable to change the pot or the affected pan.
  4. Ceramics:  
    Its materiality allows the cooking of food, preserving its taste and natural juiciness. Perfect for slow-cooking recipes such as juice meats or curried fish. They need good maintenance to conserve their properties. It is suggested that your cleaning be at hand.
  5. Stainless steel:
    They are a good choice for cooking at high temperatures. Resistant to oxidation, which makes it a better choice over aluminum and iron. To prevent food from sticking you should use a natural non-stick coating, such as oil, which you can apply previously with a kitchen paper.
  6. Cast iron:
    Excellent for the slow cooking of some foods or preparations, such as stews or stews. Useful for cooking directly on the fire or in the oven. On both occasions, it is advisable to use a handle for manipulation. They are durable, as long as they are well maintained.
  7. Copper:  
    As material copper is a good conductor of heat, so pots and pans distribute the temperature well. They are one of the most resistant materials, more than iron and aluminum. Try to acquire the ones that bring coating. If they suffer from a scrape they become unusable.
  8. Glass:   They are known as ecological pots, because their impact on food is minimal. Available in pots for direct fire or oven. It does not alter the taste of the products. Suitable for microwave cooking, or even serving hot food on the table. Visit this link for more information.

Cast iron, a symbol of innovation and progress

There are people who believe that each of us has a double in another part of the world, someone with whom we probably have nothing to do but with whom we may be able to exchange identities. Interestingly, the idea of owning “doubles” of some European elements was the first necessity for the resurgent Argentine nation towards the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, when there was an unprecedented demographic expansion. This growth was accompanied by a development of the cities that demanded new means of communication and equipment, and for that reason it was necessary to direct the eyes to the European nations like France and England. They are due to the incorporation of rail networks and the importation of new urban elements. These “double” architectural elements, Mainly cast iron, symbolized innovation and progress, but after more than 100 years they became considered outdated or so embedded in our urban landscape that sometimes we do not even notice them. This is the case of the sources of the Plaza Independencia and the Sarmiento School. Both were manufactured in Derby, England, by the famous company Andrew Handyside.

In 1869 the fountain of Independence Square was placed. This corresponds to the number 18 design of the company and has a double in the city of Stavanger (Norway) and another in Leeds (England). The source of the Sarmiento School corresponds to the design number 15 of its catalog and has at least two doubles by the world: One of them is in the school Prince Alfred of the city of Adelaide (Australia) and another one in the Pearson Conservatory St George? S Park of Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

British metallurgical art has been very important. However, it has not been studied enough. There is still a long way to go to reveal these elements “doubles” and “double doubles” that are part of a heritage that belongs to us Argentines but at the same time we share, since its origin is elsewhere in the world. For more information visit us here

Free Ladies’ singer enjoyed a sea research and fishing day in Concordia

“We had to abandon because we ran out of arms for so much fishing, then choosing a cheap baitcasting reel and it’s good that one of the best fishing boats in the world is in my country,” he posted on social networks Pablo Lescano

Last Monday visited the capital of citrus the musician dancer Pablo Lescano, vocalist and founder of the group Free Damas. During the visit, he enjoyed with his son a day of fishing for dorados and other species in the spot “Tortuga Alegre”. Lescano published images in his account of social network and promoted the fruitful day of fishing lived to the side of the dam of Salto Grande.

Diario Río Uruguay spoke with the fishing guide Hector Bradanini, who narrated how he came to know Lescano, since “he fished with a friend of mine from Goya (Corrientes) and was told that this (for Concordia) was a paradise of the Golden “. With that information in favor, “knowing that he is very fisherman and that he was thinking of visiting the Turtle Alegre, we invite him to come”. Since then he has returned on several occasions, as long as his agenda of dance presentations allows him.

In his social network account, Lescano published that “on Monday I escape with Tomi to Concordia Entre Rios, we go fishing at eight in the morning and so I’m going to tell you that at three in the afternoon we had to leave because We are out of arms for so much fishing, so good that one of the best fishing in the world is in my country “, if this were not enough, stressed that the pieces were so large that he called them” golden cows. ”

Bradanini also said that this destination is highly chosen by other personalities in the artistic and sports fields, for example “Roger Waters visited us a few years ago (the bass player and founded Pink Floyd), also came David Bisbal last year, Alejandro Fantino that took us as a point of fishing obligatory. But also several soccer players and even basketball players, like Luis Scola and Carlos Delfino who came a few days ago. ”


Health Problems in Small Dogs

All dogs share some of the same health issues. Sometimes these problems affect small dogs rather than larger dogs, certain breeds or the size of the dog. Although we generally live more small dogs experience more serious health problems due to their size. This means that their owners need to take special care in observing their behavior.

Keeping warm

Small dogs have a major problem keeping warm. Most small dogs do not have much hair or body fat to protect them from the elements. With small legs, it is a struggle to send a small dog that in the winter time in areas where there is a lot of snow, that their bodies are not able to stay higher than snow on the ground. Small dogs can suffer hypothermia quickly if they are left out too long. It can also catch colds and viruses just like humans with too much unprotected exposure.

Fragile bones

The bones of small dogs are much thinner, and the muscles around them do not offer much protection. Therefore, your bones are more fragile and break more easily. Small dogs are often always on the move and will jump off surfaces that may be too tall for them without reservations. Also, tiny dogs will suffer from something called hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal formation of the hip sockets. It is a painful disease that dogs suffer large and small, but is less evident in small dogs that have a small limp that could go unnoticed.

Respiration problems

Some breeds of small dogs have trouble breathing because the nose does not protrude as much as other breeds. This will cause you to breathe hard, sneeze more and snort often. This will lead to some difficulties and could limit how long they live. Other small dogs will have problems with allergies because when they walk through herbs and other flora and fauna, their noses are closer to the ground.


Small dogs that eat as often as large dogs; Even though they tend to have faster metabolism, they can only consume so much food before they get sick. They are more likely to gain weight, which will limit how much activity they voluntarily do. So start to suffer from things like obesity and hypoglycemia.

Dental problems

smallest dogs have a higher incidence of caries and gum problems of large dog teeth. They will also have more problems with loosening their teeth because of these habits as they try to hold objects as hard as they can while their owners are playing with them. If they start to have a lot of pain, they let you eat regularly, which could lead to more serious health problems.


And Opportunities for Gunsmiths

  1. Research and technical schools that offer courses from gun manufacturers. A student must be 21 years of age or older, must have a high school diploma or GED, hold a valid driver’s license, and must meet the necessary requirements

    S to obtain a Class I Federal Firearms License (FFL). They may occur in both men and women. Classes should be taken in metalworking, welding, welding, stock making, finishing, tight barrel techniques, and Polishing and blueantes.La most schools offer the opportunity to specialize in blacksmithing gun, custom design, and master engraving.

  2. Consider attending a weapons manufacturer program at a college or university school that teaches all the essential techniques necessary to become a skilled gunsmith. Make sure that the school you choose classes deals in hacksawing, archiving and measuring techniques, Barrel tuning, simple ballistics, and manual loading. A good gun manufacturers program will also teach you basic business practices and courses on how to run your own gunsmithing business.
  3. Understand what is involved in arms manufacturers trade before applying for admission to a trade school or university. Look for training from accredited centers that can teach you the inner workings of a firearm and the vital components needed For its proper operation. Choose a list of the 10 best gunsmithing schools with a hands-on program along with instruction guided by highly qualified instructors. Most training programs are a year long and teach how to become efficient in all areas of computer repair. Pistol and personalization.
  4. Decide what aspect of gunsmithing interest you. You just want to clean arms, mount scopes, or exchange barrels, there are many books out there to help with this. If you want to repair and customize rifles and guns for customers, opportunities are plentiful. You can choose to specialize in certain types of firearms or become an expert in relic firearms. Many gunsmiths own gun shops or work at firearm manufacturing plants. Others work in the military or in stores Of sporting goods. You are limited solely by your ambition and experience. Pay by gunsmithing an average of $ 12 to $ 16 per hour.

SEO for Pharmacies and Health Pharmacies

There are sectors that have rallied especially in digital channels, law firms , e-commerce in many fields, and also massively pharmacies and para-pharmacies, which have found on the Internet a good way to grow.



Not necessarily in a pharmacy or parapharmacy, but in them also must be given:

  • Target keywords analysis for product families, sub-families, brands and products.
  • Application through SEO On-Page optimization, which also includes an analysis of the current status of the website, structure, indexability, etc.
  • CRO / UX analysis, to maximize the positive behavior of the user in the pharmacy or parapharmacy.



It is an option that if used wisely generates a large amount of qualified traffic, which does not directly look for the product but the problem that solves the product, so the conversion rate is positive.

Aspects to take into account to work an integrated office that provides us with a SEO Long Tail of value are:

Qualified personnel , and is that although it seems obvious something often delegates the development of content in people who are not prepared to talk about Health. It is a sensitive issue that should be addressed directly by qualified personnel, even if the cost is higher.

Keywords analysis + SEO optimization , we must locate and make a MIX between the most sought after problems and the products that solve them more profitable for us, this is the ideal combination. And of course a correct SEO optimization in each office post (chord title, META Description, sufficient and natural keyword density, etc.)

For example one of the best-selling products could be Endocare Tensage , a cream for oily skin. We have found that a search with related market is treatment for oily skin and also the keyword solution for oily skin .

We develop a post with daily tips to avoid oily skin and we also talk about this cream that we sell at our pharmacy or parapharmacy and its application. And seo expert brisbane optimize it for SEO correctly.

Sale referred , because if we do not offer the product we do nothing with this strategy, if we fail in the last step does not make sense. So we must integrate in the post both the initial product that we want to sell as if there were, other similar products that can meet the needs of the user suffering the problem.



We have several options to develop a suitable Link Building:

Do we have a sufficient budget and want a focused and natural SEO? Find a professional or a specialized agency to help us with such delicate work.

Do not we have a budget for this because our pharmacy or parapharmacy does not yet have enough cash flow? We have options at cost price, which although not so defined help us acquire authority at a relatively low price:

  • Offer a batch of nutrition products to blogs specializing in it.
  • Offer a lot of products but beauty to bloggers of the sector Beauty and Fashion.
  • Organize a face-to-face workshop with recommendations for one or another common problem among people. Or also specific for more concrete niches of people.
  • Organize a webinar / office to solve doubts in different problems.

I always commented that in Link Building the limit of techniques marks the imagination itself, but always pursuing the Branding and always under the umbrella of naturalness .

The Health Benefits of the Jacuzzi or Hot Tubs

People have used cheap lodges with hot tubs in scotland – of one kind or another – throughout the history of mankind for medicinal purposes. In 1940, Candido Jacuzzi developed a submersible pump necessary to give hydrotherapy treatment to his son, who had problems with rheumatoid arthritis. Today we tell you the benefits of the jacuzzi or hot tubs for health . Do you want to meet them? Get More Information here!

Improve pain

Among the health benefits of the jacuzzi is the relief of all sorts of pain: relief of muscle pain, as it has the same effect as a hot compress on the muscle. Hot water reduces muscle tension, which with certain exercises, will benefit greatly.

In cases of arthritis, by releasing the body from its weight, they relieve the pain and tension of the joints. Also in muscle injuries, relieving the inflammation that the body reduces to repair the damage caused.

Even also, the use of the jacuzzi can relieve and prevent headaches because it reduces stress and helps promote relaxation.

Improves circulation

Jacuzzis promote dilation of the veins, so blood begins to circulate better. Believe it or not, this will also help relieve pain. It also lowers blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

Among the benefits of the jacuzzi or hot tubs is the feeling of general well-being. People who use bathtubs of this type generally feel refreshed and full of energy. It is not only good for the body, but also for the mind, as it relaxes us deeply.

In addition, it helps to accelerate weight loss if we are dieting, but we should use them regularly -3 half-hour sessions a week-. If you have the opportunity to use one before sleeping, with 15 or 20 minutes you can avoid insomnia and get a good night’s sleep.

Prenatal HealthCare – Medical insurance during pregnancy

Health insurance (also called health coverage or health plan) helps you pay for medical care.

Health insurance is really important for you, especially if you are pregnant.

What obgyn in centreville health services are covered for the pregnant woman?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) says that all health insurance plans must cover many services for pregnant women, including:

  • All prenatal care visits without a co-payment . Prenatal care is medical care during pregnancy. No copayment means you should not pay your health care provider each time you have an antenatal checkup. You can see your prenatal care professional without a referral from your primary care physician (who provides you with basic health services). You do not have to first visit your primary care doctor to see a prenatal care professional, such as an obstetrician / gynecologist (also called OB / GYN), a nurse midwife, or a nurse practitioner.
  • Service delivery
  • Assistance with breastfeeding without co-payment. This includes visits to the breastfeeding consultant, breastfeeding teams and breast pumps . The breastfeeding consultant is someone with special training to help breastfeeding women.

The ACA says that health insurance plans must cover these services for everyone, including pregnant women:

  • Routine Health Checkups
  • Check when you are sick
  • Hospital Care
  • Emergency services

The ACA says that a plan can not:

  • Terminate Your Health Insurance If You Get Sick
  • Charge you more for health services because you are a woman
  • Charge you more for health care if you have had a medical problem in the past
  • Set a lifetime or annual cap on the coverage. That means that an insurance company can not stop covering their medical expenses once they reach a certain amount of money. That also applies to your partner.
  • Make you pay unlimited out-of- pocket costs . Insurance plans should set annual limits on what you pay for your own health care. Once you have reached that limit, the company must pay your expenses for the rest of the year.

If you are pregnant, how do you know which health insurance to choose?

When you choose a health plan , review the plan summary. Each plan has a summary that includes the expected costs of care during pregnancy. Each plan uses the same summary form, making it easy to compare costs and services. You can find summaries of plans in the Medical Insurance Market. It is an online resource that helps you find and compare health plans in your state.

Can you be pregnant when you join a health plan?

Yes. You may be pregnant when you enroll in health insurance. In that case, pregnancy is called a “pre-existing condition”. That means you had the condition (I was pregnant) before enrolling in health insurance. The ACA says that health insurance companies can not deny coverage or charge you more money to treat a pre-existing condition.

What if you need help paying for health insurance?

In most states, many pregnant women can get Medicaid coverage. Medicaid is a government program that offers free or low-cost health insurance for low-income people. In some states, pregnant women earning too much for Medicaid can receive health coverage with the Children ‘s Health Insurance Program (also called CHIP). CHIP is a government program that provides health insurance for some children and pregnant women from families who earn too much to have Medicaid but who can not afford private insurance.

Although you can not get Medicaid, you may be able to get tax credits that help pay for insurance through your state’s Medical Insurance Market. You can get information about health plans and costs for pregnant women in your state’s Medical Insurance Market . Be sure to mention that you are pregnant at the Market Request for information about the pregnancy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

The advantages of laser hair removal are undoubted, since it is a fast and safe method, that keeps the skin free of hair for a long time (in many cases of definitive form), and allows to depilate ample zones.

In addition, it also has medical applications, and patients with pathologies such as pseudofolliculitis orhirsutism , or those who needed to depilate skin grafts, have benefited from this technique.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

However, do not lose sight of the fact that laser hair removal has some drawbacks:


When you apply the laser, it is normal for you to feel a burning sensation or puncture which, during the first two or three sessions (when the hair is still abundant), is usually quite annoying, especially if you are shaving an area where the skin is Especially sensitive, like English. Cooling systems that incorporate some equipment greatly reduce pain and, from the fourth session, the slight punctures are perfectly tolerable. In any case, stripping the hair with wax is also not pleasant, and laser hair removal has the advantage that hair growth is delayed a lot and sessions are increasingly spaced more.

You can consult the doctor to use an anesthetic cream if the area to be treated is very sensitive or has a high follicular density, but it is quite cumbersome to use because you should apply it about an hour before the session and cover the area with a plastic . As with other cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal continues to evolve, and for a few years now a new laser, the Vectus ™, has been available which, in addition to being more effective in removing more hair per session – Makes it ideal for large areas such as the legs – is virtually painless because it applies the energy in a homogeneous way avoiding the occurrence of annoying heat spikes.

Rebel zones

It is important to note, however, that there are areas where the hair tends to reappear with insistence, as with the facial area . We have already explained that this is because during the session the active hairs are removed, but the laser does not affect the resting hair follicles, which can be activated over time. Even so, getting rid of excess facial hair by laser is still convenient, since the new hairs would go away equally with any other depilatory method, or even if none were used.

Androgens or related hormones also stimulate hair growth, both in males as they mature (thorax, abdomen, back, lumbar region …), and in certain women with hormonal disorders (such as hyperandrongenism), and in those cases, Patients will require refresher sessions over time to remove new hairs.

Fine hair and hairs

The laser does not remove gray hair or thin, clear hair. Fine hair (the most common on women’s faces), does not absorb well the light emitted by the laser, even if it is somewhat dark, and for this reason the doctor must assess the characteristics of the patient’s skin to see if it is It is possible to use the laser to depilate this type of hair in its specific case.

Dark skin

Although there are laser devices that can be used with relative safety on dark skins, the patient should be pre-evaluated by a physician. In addition, the procedure may be less effective and more troublesome.

In pregnancy

During pregnancy it is contraindicated to perform laser hair removal in areas close to the abdominal and pelvic region, to avoid any possible damage to the placenta or fetus. In the case of areas away from the fetus, the pregnant woman should consult her doctor beforehand or stop treatment until after the birth .


If you are taking any type of medication you should advise the doctor to check if the drugs produce photosensitivity , as is the case with isotretinoin. You should also advise if you are diagnosed with a new pathology or prescribed a new medication before undergoing a new session of laser hair removal in case any interaction could occur.

Although the risk is minimal if the depilation is performed by a qualified professional with the prior evaluation of a doctor, it may happen that the melanin of the patient’s skin absorbs part of the light energy destined for the hair follicle and, as a consequence, the skin Overheating and significant irritation or even a burn.

That is why it is imperative that you follow the recommendations of the specialists and do not expose the skin to the sun or apply self-tanning before the sessions, and depending on your skin phototype, this minimum time free of sun exposure can be even two months (in Reality, the more the better).

To reduce the risk of skin overheating equipment incorporates a cooling system, check it on arizona laser hair removal.


Dermal fillers are becoming more popular in the UK as more and more people are using dermal fillers to reverse the changes associated with aging skin. Since the goal is to restore the skin to its original youthful state, dermal fillers have the ability to give a more natural look than surgical facelift. Dermal fillers are used to reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles, depressions increase scarring, enhance lips, and replace loss of soft tissue volume.
As our skin ages the dermis gradually loses its main components: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen acts as the main supporting protein for our skin, Elastin allows our skin to stay firm and resist wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid helps trap water and add volume and shape to our skin. A variety of dermal fillers are available in the UK today. Some of the most popular ones include collagen-based fillers (ie Evolence), fillers based on hyaluronic acid (ie Restylane and Juvederm), fillers based on polylactic acid (ie Sculptra) and calcium hydroxyapatite Stuffing, like Radiesse. The medial and cosmetic industries are continuously developing new technologies and treatments, so new products are constantly tested and made available, with dermal fillers is no exception.

A fine needle is used to inject the dermal filler into wrinkles, folds, scars or wherever you want the treatment. Some minor initial discomfort is normal, but should be brief, as most patients feel comfortable returning to work or other daily activities immediately.


Selection of correct dermal filler

The most important element to get good results with dermal fillers moonee ponds is realizing that there is a load is ideal for all areas of the face. For example, the lips tolerate loads differently than the areas of the cheeks do, and not all fillers can be injected into the lips. Because of this, it is vital to research that dermal fillers work best in the area you want to treat. In some cases, more loads can be used on different parts of the face to improve the aesthetics of the entire face, in a procedure known as liquid face lift.

How long does the last dermal filler result last?

The results of dermal fillers can last from three months to five years, depending on the load used. Placement can also influence the duration of the results, for example, the loads tend to produce results that last much less time on the lips (3 to 6 months), compared to the nasolabial folds.Collagen based products generally provide the shortest duration of results.Fillers based on hyaluronic acid tend to last longer, with effects that usually last from six months to a year. Products such as Sculptra is long-lasting because it actually works by activating the production of natural collagen that fills the wrinkle or crease over time (usually 2 to 6 months), rather than giving volume to the area With the product itself.


Royal Decree 32/1999, of 15 January, on transfer of functions and services of the State Administration to the City of Ceuta in the area of Health, transfers to the City of Ceuta the competence in matters of Mortuary Health Police, in its Annex B), section f), culminating the forecast of the Statute of Autonomy of the City, approved by the Organic Law 1/1995 of March 13, which in its article 21.1.19.ª indicates as competence of the City the subjects of Health and hygiene.

The time that has elapsed since the publication of Decree 2263/1974 of July 20, which approved the Mortuary Health Police Regulations, has led to substantial changes in social habits and in the precautions necessary to guarantee public health. It has been considered necessary, therefore, to review profusely the current state legislation, in order to identify those provisions that are already anachronistic, and to introduce the changes that adapt them to the social reality and the current state of knowledge in this field, as well As well as to the legal organization of the City.

Two are the fundamental purposes of this Regulation. On the one hand, to adapt and update the current regulations in matters of mortuary health to the current reality, both as regards the customs and customs around death, as well as the advancement of techniques and the epidemiological situation of diseases Communicable diseases. Moreover, it is intended to streamline and simplify, as far as possible, precise administrative procedures, without detracting from the guarantees for safeguarding public health. Visit for more details.

The Regulation addresses the fundamental aspects of mortuary health, structured into four Titles. Title one contains the requirements and conditions for the manipulations, transfers and final destination of corpses and cadaveric remains. The second Title is dedicated to funeral companies, their authorization and registration regime, and specifies the requirements that their facilities have to fulfill with special care in regard to tanks and wake. The third Title regulates crematoria, cemeteries and other authorized burial places, and establishes conditions of construction, reform and closure in accordance with the current construction techniques. Finally, Title Four deals with aspects related to inspection and sanctioning regime, according to the current legislation. The text is supplemented by three additional provisions, two transitional provisions and two final provisions.

Regarding the religious denominations that maintain Cooperation Agreements with the State, this Regulation is respectful of these, according to the Laws 24/1992, 25/1992 and 26/1992, of Agreements of cooperation of the State with the Federation of Religious Entities Evangelicals of Spain, with the Federation of Israeli Communities of Spain and with the Islamic Commission of Spain, respectively. In addition, and in accordance with the peculiar orographic characteristics of the City, specific procedures are specified that favor the good-neighborly practices that the custom has maintained until the present time.

According to the Council of State, and following the approval by the Plenum of the Assembly of the City of Ceuta at its meeting held on December 23, 2002,

Satisfaction on board – Innovation and Development of Inflatable boats ,etc

we work every day with innovation and improvement so that our customers, on board our products, enjoy nature and their favorite nautical sport with their affections, trusting that they are guaranteed their safety and satisfaction, at the most convenient price

For over 40 years we have been specializing in the construction of a list of the best inflatable kayaks. We provide our clients in Argentina and neighboring countries with a wide variety of models … from small, dismountable auxiliary boats to modern semi-rigid boats … passing through traditional gomones, fishing float rafts, rafting rafts, fun rafts Bananas or the new inflatable canoes … all of them with our well-known trademark Alovécs.
Since 2010 we incorporated into our line of individual products for fly fishing DUCK-FLOAT by Alovécs .

We develop and permanently incorporate new technologies, to assure our customers the satisfaction of enjoying extremely reliable and excellent quality products.
We started working on coated fabrics in Neoprene and Hypalon, and we were pioneers in the country when using pneumatic cloth coated in Nautical PVC … and since 2003 we are offering our customers a new option in an exclusive way: Trevira- Hypren S-720, unique in its kind for its anti-tear fabric, is for many the best fabric of today.

However, our success lies not only in our technical capacity … What is our secret? … Listen to users and provide them with a personalized solution to their different needs.
It can be said that there are no two equal alovècs, they are as particular as their owners themselves.

Completely handcrafted, each model has a special design adapted to its use. We take care of all its details and finishes, mainly selecting the quality of the materials used: the best fabric, the most resistant wood, the appropriate fiber thickness, and above all a qualified and responsibly well-managed workforce. We offer different options of fabrics and colors, and we also make special designs on request

When you consult for a Alovécs, in addition to a warm attention, you can take full advice of the model that best suits the activity you want to perform. And not only the boat itself, also its motorization and any other accessory with which you want to equip it. All our units are delivered with a written guarantee and are backed by our excellent after-sales service.

Come, meet us and take your Alovécs .

ARQUINAV is an innovative and thriving company that has capitalized on the experience of its owners in more than forty years of experience in research, design, manufacture and marketing of tires articles of high tenacity of all kinds and for the most varied uses and destinations:

1966 – Inflatable and Auto-inflatable Potholes and Gliders approved by Pirelli and the Argentine Army.

1968 – individual inflatable life for sports. 1973 – Inflatable boats brand Makaira . The first disassembles

1976 – Criques brand tires Felino action by automobile exhaust. Also Peugeot and Renault brands, with their endorsements.

1978 – Launch of the brand inflatables Alovècs.

1979 – Pioneers in Argentina: Fast forward more than a decade nautical furor 90s, build the first brand Semirigid Alovécs.

1980 – Spools tires for Nylon monofilament industry.

1984 – Truck Tires brand Criques Felino F-60 .

1989 – Redesign of the brand Alovècs inflatable boats.

1989 – Prototype of the First Banana.

1990 – Mini pneumatic inspection for Gas del Estado Ships
1991 Innovation Alovècs semi – rigid design brand -.

1991 – First Balsas for Rafting and Fishing Flotadas brand Alovècs

1991 – The Argentine doctor Gerónimo Saint Martin begins his journey La Plata – North Pole – Ushuaia on his sailboat H-20 India “assisted” by an AQ-280 Alovècs.

1992 – Introduction of computer – aided design for boats.

1993 – Flexible tanks for drinking water and Mangas for silos.

1993 – semi – rigid rescue for Urban Municipality of the Coast.

1993 – Semirigid off-shore Prefecture General Lavalle, and logistics for Quilmes Prefecture.

1994 – Development of flexible transport containers solvents.

1994 – Brand New Tires Criques CRICAR versions Auto and 4×4.

1995 – juicers Membranes for wine and pharmaceutical industry.

1998 – Novel inflatable rescue stretchers for Argentina Naval Prefecture.

1998 – Launch of Canoas Alovècs Pneumatic brand.

1999 – Development of ecological floating barriers.

1999 – Design of pneumatic cushions materials testing laboratory compression of the Faculty of Engineering of the UNLP. 2006 – Development of the method called VIS for sealing pipe inspection adopted by companies of ecological control in areas of oil extraction. 2006 – Flexible curtains speed doors. 2006 – Stoppers Tires for maintenance and cleaning of pipes and drains Masters. 2006 – Modernization in the finishing details of all models of boats.

2007 – Development of the new Fabric Inflatable Hypren R-1280.

2007 – Cases docks.

2007 – Launch of GDP-D , a new concept in inflatable rafts for rafting floors

2007 – Launch of the Body Raft , personal slider to rafting.

2008 – created the Cata-Float, the cataraft with fiberglass frame, an absolute novelty in the market.

2008 – Launch of Catarrafts, ideal for fly fishing, in three versions: for 1, 2 and 3 people

2009 – Triple fun with Tribanana for 14 people

2010 – We create brand Individual Fishing Duck-Float

2011 – New Individual Fishing Duck-Float Model DF4 closed overboard