Cast iron, a symbol of innovation and progress

There are people who believe that each of us has a double in another part of the world, someone with whom we probably have nothing to do but with whom we may be able to exchange identities. Interestingly, the idea of owning “doubles” of some European elements was the first necessity for the resurgent Argentine nation towards the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, when there was an unprecedented demographic expansion. This growth was accompanied by a development of the cities that demanded new means of communication and equipment, and for that reason it was necessary to direct the eyes to the European nations like France and England. They are due to the incorporation of rail networks and the importation of new urban elements. These “double” architectural elements, Mainly cast iron, symbolized innovation and progress, but after more than 100 years they became considered outdated or so embedded in our urban landscape that sometimes we do not even notice them. This is the case of the sources of the Plaza Independencia and the Sarmiento School. Both were manufactured in Derby, England, by the famous company Andrew Handyside.

In 1869 the fountain of Independence Square was placed. This corresponds to the number 18 design of the company and has a double in the city of Stavanger (Norway) and another in Leeds (England). The source of the Sarmiento School corresponds to the design number 15 of its catalog and has at least two doubles by the world: One of them is in the school Prince Alfred of the city of Adelaide (Australia) and another one in the Pearson Conservatory St George? S Park of Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

British metallurgical art has been very important. However, it has not been studied enough. There is still a long way to go to reveal these elements “doubles” and “double doubles” that are part of a heritage that belongs to us Argentines but at the same time we share, since its origin is elsewhere in the world. For more information visit us here