Free Ladies’ singer enjoyed a sea research and fishing day in Concordia

“We had to abandon because we ran out of arms for so much fishing, then choosing a cheap baitcasting reel and it’s good that one of the best fishing boats in the world is in my country,” he posted on social networks Pablo Lescano

Last Monday visited the capital of citrus the musician dancer Pablo Lescano, vocalist and founder of the group Free Damas. During the visit, he enjoyed with his son a day of fishing for dorados and other species in the spot “Tortuga Alegre”. Lescano published images in his account of social network and promoted the fruitful day of fishing lived to the side of the dam of Salto Grande.

Diario Río Uruguay spoke with the fishing guide Hector Bradanini, who narrated how he came to know Lescano, since “he fished with a friend of mine from Goya (Corrientes) and was told that this (for Concordia) was a paradise of the Golden “. With that information in favor, “knowing that he is very fisherman and that he was thinking of visiting the Turtle Alegre, we invite him to come”. Since then he has returned on several occasions, as long as his agenda of dance presentations allows him.

In his social network account, Lescano published that “on Monday I escape with Tomi to Concordia Entre Rios, we go fishing at eight in the morning and so I’m going to tell you that at three in the afternoon we had to leave because We are out of arms for so much fishing, so good that one of the best fishing in the world is in my country “, if this were not enough, stressed that the pieces were so large that he called them” golden cows. ”

Bradanini also said that this destination is highly chosen by other personalities in the artistic and sports fields, for example “Roger Waters visited us a few years ago (the bass player and founded Pink Floyd), also came David Bisbal last year, Alejandro Fantino that took us as a point of fishing obligatory. But also several soccer players and even basketball players, like Luis Scola and Carlos Delfino who came a few days ago. ”