Health Problems in Small Dogs

All dogs share some of the same health issues. Sometimes these problems affect small dogs rather than larger dogs, certain breeds or the size of the dog. Although we generally live more small dogs experience more serious health problems due to their size. This means that their owners need to take special care in observing their behavior.

Keeping warm

Small dogs have a major problem keeping warm. Most small dogs do not have much hair or body fat to protect them from the elements. With small legs, it is a struggle to send a small dog that in the winter time in areas where there is a lot of snow, that their bodies are not able to stay higher than snow on the ground. Small dogs can suffer hypothermia quickly if they are left out too long. It can also catch colds and viruses just like humans with too much unprotected exposure.

Fragile bones

The bones of small dogs are much thinner, and the muscles around them do not offer much protection. Therefore, your bones are more fragile and break more easily. Small dogs are often always on the move and will jump off surfaces that may be too tall for them without reservations. Also, tiny dogs will suffer from something called hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal formation of the hip sockets. It is a painful disease that dogs suffer large and small, but is less evident in small dogs that have a small limp that could go unnoticed.

Respiration problems

Some breeds of small dogs have trouble breathing because the nose does not protrude as much as other breeds. This will cause you to breathe hard, sneeze more and snort often. This will lead to some difficulties and could limit how long they live. Other small dogs will have problems with allergies because when they walk through herbs and other flora and fauna, their noses are closer to the ground.


Small dogs that eat as often as large dogs; Even though they tend to have faster metabolism, they can only consume so much food before they get sick. They are more likely to gain weight, which will limit how much activity they voluntarily do. So start to suffer from things like obesity and hypoglycemia.

Dental problems

smallest dogs have a higher incidence of caries and gum problems of large dog teeth. They will also have more problems with loosening their teeth because of these habits as they try to hold objects as hard as they can while their owners are playing with them. If they start to have a lot of pain, they let you eat regularly, which could lead to more serious health problems.