Satisfaction on board – Innovation and Development of Inflatable boats ,etc

we work every day with innovation and improvement so that our customers, on board our products, enjoy nature and their favorite nautical sport with their affections, trusting that they are guaranteed their safety and satisfaction, at the most convenient price

For over 40 years we have been specializing in the construction of a list of the best inflatable kayaks. We provide our clients in Argentina and neighboring countries with a wide variety of models … from small, dismountable auxiliary boats to modern semi-rigid boats … passing through traditional gomones, fishing float rafts, rafting rafts, fun rafts Bananas or the new inflatable canoes … all of them with our well-known trademark Alovécs.
Since 2010 we incorporated into our line of individual products for fly fishing DUCK-FLOAT by Alovécs .

We develop and permanently incorporate new technologies, to assure our customers the satisfaction of enjoying extremely reliable and excellent quality products.
We started working on coated fabrics in Neoprene and Hypalon, and we were pioneers in the country when using pneumatic cloth coated in Nautical PVC … and since 2003 we are offering our customers a new option in an exclusive way: Trevira- Hypren S-720, unique in its kind for its anti-tear fabric, is for many the best fabric of today.

However, our success lies not only in our technical capacity … What is our secret? … Listen to users and provide them with a personalized solution to their different needs.
It can be said that there are no two equal alovècs, they are as particular as their owners themselves.

Completely handcrafted, each model has a special design adapted to its use. We take care of all its details and finishes, mainly selecting the quality of the materials used: the best fabric, the most resistant wood, the appropriate fiber thickness, and above all a qualified and responsibly well-managed workforce. We offer different options of fabrics and colors, and we also make special designs on request

When you consult for a Alovécs, in addition to a warm attention, you can take full advice of the model that best suits the activity you want to perform. And not only the boat itself, also its motorization and any other accessory with which you want to equip it. All our units are delivered with a written guarantee and are backed by our excellent after-sales service.

Come, meet us and take your Alovécs .

ARQUINAV is an innovative and thriving company that has capitalized on the experience of its owners in more than forty years of experience in research, design, manufacture and marketing of tires articles of high tenacity of all kinds and for the most varied uses and destinations:

1966 – Inflatable and Auto-inflatable Potholes and Gliders approved by Pirelli and the Argentine Army.

1968 – individual inflatable life for sports. 1973 – Inflatable boats brand Makaira . The first disassembles

1976 – Criques brand tires Felino action by automobile exhaust. Also Peugeot and Renault brands, with their endorsements.

1978 – Launch of the brand inflatables Alovècs.

1979 – Pioneers in Argentina: Fast forward more than a decade nautical furor 90s, build the first brand Semirigid Alovécs.

1980 – Spools tires for Nylon monofilament industry.

1984 – Truck Tires brand Criques Felino F-60 .

1989 – Redesign of the brand Alovècs inflatable boats.

1989 – Prototype of the First Banana.

1990 – Mini pneumatic inspection for Gas del Estado Ships
1991 Innovation Alovècs semi – rigid design brand -.

1991 – First Balsas for Rafting and Fishing Flotadas brand Alovècs

1991 – The Argentine doctor Gerónimo Saint Martin begins his journey La Plata – North Pole – Ushuaia on his sailboat H-20 India “assisted” by an AQ-280 Alovècs.

1992 – Introduction of computer – aided design for boats.

1993 – Flexible tanks for drinking water and Mangas for silos.

1993 – semi – rigid rescue for Urban Municipality of the Coast.

1993 – Semirigid off-shore Prefecture General Lavalle, and logistics for Quilmes Prefecture.

1994 – Development of flexible transport containers solvents.

1994 – Brand New Tires Criques CRICAR versions Auto and 4×4.

1995 – juicers Membranes for wine and pharmaceutical industry.

1998 – Novel inflatable rescue stretchers for Argentina Naval Prefecture.

1998 – Launch of Canoas Alovècs Pneumatic brand.

1999 – Development of ecological floating barriers.

1999 – Design of pneumatic cushions materials testing laboratory compression of the Faculty of Engineering of the UNLP. 2006 – Development of the method called VIS for sealing pipe inspection adopted by companies of ecological control in areas of oil extraction. 2006 – Flexible curtains speed doors. 2006 – Stoppers Tires for maintenance and cleaning of pipes and drains Masters. 2006 – Modernization in the finishing details of all models of boats.

2007 – Development of the new Fabric Inflatable Hypren R-1280.

2007 – Cases docks.

2007 – Launch of GDP-D , a new concept in inflatable rafts for rafting floors

2007 – Launch of the Body Raft , personal slider to rafting.

2008 – created the Cata-Float, the cataraft with fiberglass frame, an absolute novelty in the market.

2008 – Launch of Catarrafts, ideal for fly fishing, in three versions: for 1, 2 and 3 people

2009 – Triple fun with Tribanana for 14 people

2010 – We create brand Individual Fishing Duck-Float

2011 – New Individual Fishing Duck-Float Model DF4 closed overboard