SEO for Pharmacies and Health Pharmacies

There are sectors that have rallied especially in digital channels, law firms , e-commerce in many fields, and also massively pharmacies and para-pharmacies, which have found on the Internet a good way to grow.



Not necessarily in a pharmacy or parapharmacy, but in them also must be given:

  • Target keywords analysis for product families, sub-families, brands and products.
  • Application through SEO On-Page optimization, which also includes an analysis of the current status of the website, structure, indexability, etc.
  • CRO / UX analysis, to maximize the positive behavior of the user in the pharmacy or parapharmacy.



It is an option that if used wisely generates a large amount of qualified traffic, which does not directly look for the product but the problem that solves the product, so the conversion rate is positive.

Aspects to take into account to work an integrated office that provides us with a SEO Long Tail of value are:

Qualified personnel , and is that although it seems obvious something often delegates the development of content in people who are not prepared to talk about Health. It is a sensitive issue that should be addressed directly by qualified personnel, even if the cost is higher.

Keywords analysis + SEO optimization , we must locate and make a MIX between the most sought after problems and the products that solve them more profitable for us, this is the ideal combination. And of course a correct SEO optimization in each office post (chord title, META Description, sufficient and natural keyword density, etc.)

For example one of the best-selling products could be Endocare Tensage , a cream for oily skin. We have found that a search with related market is treatment for oily skin and also the keyword solution for oily skin .

We develop a post with daily tips to avoid oily skin and we also talk about this cream that we sell at our pharmacy or parapharmacy and its application. And seo expert brisbane optimize it for SEO correctly.

Sale referred , because if we do not offer the product we do nothing with this strategy, if we fail in the last step does not make sense. So we must integrate in the post both the initial product that we want to sell as if there were, other similar products that can meet the needs of the user suffering the problem.



We have several options to develop a suitable Link Building:

Do we have a sufficient budget and want a focused and natural SEO? Find a professional or a specialized agency to help us with such delicate work.

Do not we have a budget for this because our pharmacy or parapharmacy does not yet have enough cash flow? We have options at cost price, which although not so defined help us acquire authority at a relatively low price:

  • Offer a batch of nutrition products to blogs specializing in it.
  • Offer a lot of products but beauty to bloggers of the sector Beauty and Fashion.
  • Organize a face-to-face workshop with recommendations for one or another common problem among people. Or also specific for more concrete niches of people.
  • Organize a webinar / office to solve doubts in different problems.

I always commented that in Link Building the limit of techniques marks the imagination itself, but always pursuing the Branding and always under the umbrella of naturalness .