This lingerie brand DENY to use Photoshop on their models

The measure is pioneering in Australia, where the government refuses to intervene in the fight for healthy bodies

If there is something that characterizes the ads of lingerie brands are those perfect bodies in which you can see the garments: soft and smooth skin sculptural models offer their image and their best angles to the target, making the experience of the great Most women who go shopping afterwards are not exactly happy.

A brand has finally said BASTA YA.

The Australian lingerie brand Modibodi has announced to the media that they will not let their models suffer the effects of Photoshop . Their models are real, with all kinds of bodies and all ages . Modibodi creates modern and unique underwear, designed according to the brand to ” empower the woman against what is annoying daily but not mentioned: sweat, small losses of urine, abdomen menstruation, smell ” and others. Modibodi began its journey in the world of fashion in 2013, and have been surrounded by engineers and tissue experts to achieve the best results.

It has been such support that the brand has initiated a petition at the national level, so that other companies and brands follow suit . In Australia, controversy was created last year when Minister Michael Cas confirmed that they would not ban very thin models (as was done in Spain in 2006, and later in other European countries such as Italy and France) Recalling that the fashion industry was responsible for creating healthy models, not government. However, if he admitted that work should be done in this area.

The brand, designed and produced in Australia, is known for its specialized lingerie, with products that protect against sweat, odor, urine leakage and even menstruation. They also use patented materials to make the result perfect